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General Tips to Sell Fast!

  • Do your best to make your home looking appealing to all. Give your house a face lift and draw attention to curb appeal.

  • Stick to neutrals and current home decorating styles when making any improvements prior to selling your home.

  • Un-clutter all areas of your home to create an impression of a clean space.

  • An EXIT agent can further assist you with specific questions regarding your home selling strategies.

Getting Top Dollar For Your Home

  • The best way to determine the value of your house is to get three comparative market analyses from EXIT agents specializing in your area. Not only will the EXIT agent take recent sales data and your home's attributes into account, they will also factor your neighborhood into the equation.

Sell Your Home In 60 Days

1. Set a realistic price.

Have an EXIT agent check prices of comparable homes in your neighborhood that have been sold within the last six months.

2. Do a walk-through.

Pretend you're a buyer. Step back and evaluate your home room by room with someone who will be realistic about the impression your property makes on a stranger.

3. Spread the word.

A great EXIT broker will do this for you. But you can add to the effort through the internet, newspaper, and word of mouth!

Beginning Your Home Buying Process

It's time to stop renting and buy a home of your own. But how do you know what you can afford? And how do you make the leap from a renter to a good loan risk? Have an EXIT agent start you on the correct path to your best financial decision.

Creative Financing

Stay on top.

First, ask your EXIT agent about getting pre-qualified, we have resources for you to get pre-qualified hassle free in our office with a professional lender today. Create a savings schedule; open an account specifically for down payment savings and make regular deposits.

Explore low-cost loans.

Contact state housing agencies and your credit union. The government also sponsors some loan programs, such as those offered by the Veterans Administration (VA) and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), to make home buying affordable to low- and middle-income buyers. Benefits from these sources range from low down payments to reduced interest rates.

Other opportunities to save yourself money:
  • Refinance existing loans

  • Look for assumable loans

  • Look into foreclosures

Sell Your Property