The Couto Team Appreciation:


"25 years in this business you have shown over and over again how dedication can take you far and most importantly how being loyal to one agency can make a difference on how people look at you. How giving up is never an option where there is hope. I remember when you first began this journey in 1995. I was only 6 and I found it fascinating. I loved seeing you transform yourself from a construction worker into a business man. I loved seeing you dress your suits, put on your best cologne and shine your shoes. I enjoyed following you around when you showed homes or when you had open houses. I would be excited just by being at the office around successful people. They were great times. It was from those days how I grew fond of your career and here I am, 25 years later by your side. Congratulations on your 3 awards that you earned this past Friday. You deserve every one of them. Through even your many trails you faced all these years, you always remained strong to raise your kids as a single parent. All that I am today is thanks to you. Love you very much."

~ From: Stephanie Couto To: Candido Couto